December session


Beyond the English Divide December Volunteering (12/8)

Date : 12/8 (Sat)

Time : 11:00~13:00

Location : 강북청소년수련관 (Gang-buk Youth Training Center)

*meet at Suyu station to go together at 10:30

Theme : Christmas !!!!!

*will do special events for Christmas and kids’ parents will be there this time !!!

Education Team is preparing awesome session with Christmas card and songs !!!

Teaching Goals


Something that is important to point out about Beyond the English Divide is that we try to help all the underprivileged children we can reach. What this means is that, in each of the centers where we volunteer:

  • We have children with very different levels of proficiency (from beginners to low-to-mid intermediate learners).
  • Some of the children may be facing challenges other than poverty (e.g., learning disabilities, abandonment issues, etc.), some of which we are not fully aware of.

In order to face these challenges, we have decided to follow a “non-traditional” approach to teaching them English, in which we value “bonding” with the kids as much as completing all the activities for the day.


In Beyond the English Divide, we are working towards creating our own curriculum. In each volunteering session, we include both worksheets and games (see below) that helps us motivate the kids. We always focus on one specific topic (e.g., “Thanksgiving” for November) and we target both vocabulary and grammar.

Even though this is still work in progress (thanks to the enormous effort made by our Education Team), we use these handouts and activities as a way to interact with and teach the children. Nobody gets into trouble if his/her kids cannot finish all the activities!

Ice-breaker games

In Beyond the English Divide, we include a lot of ice-breaker games. These games make sure students are physically relaxed, they gain motivation, they bond together (and with us), and they are more willing to participate in the learning process (all these benefits have been attested through research).

Click here if you want to see how much fun children have when playing these games (in this specific example, Pictionary).

Here you can find a list of games we have used in the different volunteering sessions (this is work in progress; if you have recommendations on new activities or ways to improve the ones we already listed, feel free to contact us).

How to Help



We are looking for passionate individuals who want to experience a life-enriching opportunity by dedicating their time to a worthwhile cause. With your help, we aim to provide equal opportunity for those in need.

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Teacher for Beyond the English Divide, please message us through our Facebook page. Someone will reply to your message and explain how to proceed with the application process.

Monetary Sponsors

As our group grew, we strongly felt the need to raise funds beyond financial reasons, and we have recently launched two fundraisers (see links below). There are so many reasons why fundraising is important for a non-profit organization.

Fundraising is so much more than raising funds. With the money we get from fundraising, we can not only prove we are reaching as many people as possible (upgrading this website, creating newsletters or designing a social media strategy), but also give back more to the children by providing them with class materials, presents, food, etc.

Fundraiser 1 (Socialfunch, which is only in Korean)

Instructions (in English) on how to use socialfunch.

Fundraiser 2 (Kakao fundraiser, by liking it, commenting on it, and sharing it, you are already helping us out!!)

Non-Monetary Sponsors

Being a non-profit organization, we are limited in resources. We are constantly in need of textbook and basic school supplies (pencils, erasers, colored construction paper, scissors, glue, etc.) donations that will assist our volunteers in providing underprivileged children with an English education.

If you are leaving Korea, or you have supplies you would like to get rid of, feel free to contact us

With your donations, we can make a difference!

Beyond the English Divide on the radio!

On Sunday, November 18th, the story of Beyond the English divide was aired on radio (98.1Mhz CBS FM). Our story was highlighted during a popular music program called “오후의 향기” from CBS which starts at 3 pm and has a corner at 3:40 where they introduce an admirable and touching story to the public.

Bruce’s dad applied for entries and our story was picked. Good news all around : )